education, education, education

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We live in an age where university places are given out like sweets, brilliant students are those who can read & write and truth has become anathema!


A letter to Marilyn Monroe

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Shona Allen ‘A letter to Marilyn Monroe’ perfectly read live on air. Absolutely flawless. Well done to you Mrs Allen xxx

Thomas Browne (1605-1682)

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“Therefore for spirits I am so far from denying their existence that I could easily believe that not only whole countries but particular persons have their tutelary and guardian angels. It is not a new opinion, but an old one of Pythagoras and Plato. There is no heresy in it, and if not manifestly defined in Scripture, yet it is an opinion of good and wholesome use in the cours and actions of a man’s life,and would serve as an hypothesis to solve many doubts whereof common philosophy affordeth no solution.” — Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici.

Statue Thomas Browne Norwich Market

Two cases of healing with hands

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I don’t talk a lot about my healing with hands but I have had many fantastic results. Two cases in particular.

Case One; where my friend Ronald Bailey suddenly lost the use of his hands and legs and couldn’t get out of his chair. I insisted he go to hospital but he insisted I gave him healing. I relented and gave him healing, working with my hands on the left hand side of his head after a few minutes Ronald regained the use of his arms, his legs and was up and about. He then went for a check up at his Doctors who declared him fit with a clean bill of health. The next day he drove me on a 70 mile round trip home.

Case Two; was a lady in France. She never spoke a word of English but through an interpreter we managed fine. I gave her healing firstly by placing my hands near the top of her head, then was led to her hand (which unbeknown to me had been paralysed since her husband was killed in an accident many, many years previous). After a short time we witnessed the miracle of her fingers moving. Her hand which was previously white as snow began to turn rosy. Somewhere I have this on video..In a progress update a couple of months after this she speaks of her nails growing too!

I have many examples of healing, some truly extraordinary. We all as human beings have healing hands. How good we will be at it no one can tell! .I know for me it has ranged from the subtle to the miraculous. I will be making a short video on healing with hands soon. Look out for that won’t you!

Below the original letters.


Etched in some memory – The Cockney Bard

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Passchendaele- We should never forget their sacrifice.
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Picture A mud and sand sculpture, crafted by artist Damian Van Der Velden.

Etched in some memory – The Cockney Bard

Praying for this day to end as death surrounds me.
As scared as any man, yet I no more than a child.
Suffering each friend’s demise as in horror I reel.
Sacrificing my sanity and all I once knew, little as that was.
Cold bodies, charred bodies, faceless bodies abound.
Hearing the screams of fallen mates and those I know not.
Every sound I hear magnified in hell’s tortured mind.
Nearing death oneself as shells descend. Good God!
Dreams, optimism, youth’s filled hope, banished to nothing!
As pity rolls down my face in misshaped tears, pray for me won’t you.
Every Soldier dreams a victorious end. If only!
Laid in mud, sacrificial lambs, butchered and slain.
Etched in some memory in years to come, me and my fallen chums!

Simple understanding guide of an innate ability by The Cockney Bard

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Having studied the mind (formerly known as the soul) for over twenty odd years here is the Cockney Bard’s ‘Ten point simple understanding guide’

1) we all have the capability to access the sixth sense, psychic ability, mediumship call it what you like. It is innate within ALL human beings as is the capacity to heal with hands (reiki, spiritual healing, natural healing, energy healing call that what you like too).

2) I have never had any teaching, no master, no guru, never been on any courses, no initiation. This proves it is a perfectly natural ability.

3) it takes years to develop a great understanding of it. To sort the wheat from the chaff and to near master the understanding. You can never fully master it.

4) Lack of understanding and it can be very detrimental. Often mixed up with mental health concerns the reality is somewhere inbetween.

5) You need to realise that as well as good there is bad.

6) You need not be religious, a spiritualist, belong to any group, have any faith, any belief, worship any symbol, any saint, God or guru.

7) You should not believe all you are told when accessing this extraneous source. Being a well balanced individual is essential. People have said they have communicated with all kinds of people from Jesus to Merlin so caution advised.

8) You can see the future, you can get information about others you have not previously known, you can if you are very fortunate get wonderful philosophy and poetry as have I. You can be fed with intelligence (see sonnet 86 of Shakespeare) and re-educated also as was I.

9) You need to be disciplined with the information and its content. You need to use common sense when dealing with others on the subject.

10) And the most important is don’t live your life by it.

It is often ridiculed by science, sceptics, those with little to no understanding of it like Stephen Fry, Derren Brown, Richard Dawkins et al, those who fear the truth or those who have their own agenda. Of course there are frauds and fakes out there. But what you can say with great certainty is it is very real and you ALL have the ability to access it scientists and sceptics included.

Remember the only truth is a proven fact.

The many of misunderstood

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I was taught, I gave others my teaching, I questioned not. They questioned not. They believed, I believed that my teaching was just and true. Suddenly the world was full of people who questioned not. In a world of those that questioned not, the teaching became a truth and from that truth spawned the many of misunderstood. The misunderstood were those who never questioned if, what and why? – The Cockney Bard