On Nature

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On Nature – The Cockney Bard

Nature makes you think doesn’t it. The defenseless rabbit easy prey for the fox, the cat the way it torments the hell out of the mouse before ending its life, mankind and its wanton killing of another human being just for the hell of it. Some examples of the horrid side of something, so beautiful that is nature. It proves in all things there is positive and negative, light and darkness, right and wrong, good and bad, love and hate and you simply don’t have one without the other. – The Cockney Bard

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Three images of one man ‘A Salt Swan’.
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I have two sites http://www.thecockneybard.com http://www.thecockneybardphilosophia.com between them I have had almost 64,000 unique visitors. Thank you to everyone for your support!

A fleeting thought!

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Holland Park Avenue Starbucks, a place myself & Sheila Smith who perished in the Grenfell Tower fire last month would wile away the hours talking Politics, the mystery of Shakespeare, the Knights Templar etc. I see myself next to her in the chairs outside. We both have a coffee. I look again and the chairs are empty!0c2ed9f00e44de49bd8d571ccb506f30--starbucks-holland

Already written by fate?

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Grenfell Tower

16 years ago I was with my very good friends John Roberts and Sheila Smith who sadly perished in the Grenfell Tower. Using my intuitive abilities I told John he had lived before and this was the first life he wouldn’t die a violent death, but the same couldn’t be said for Sheila. Sheila never gave it a second thought, smiled said goodnight and retired to bed. On Sheila having gone to bed, I told John it would be by fire. I kept getting fire. I didn’t think about it again believing it to be a nasty rogue negative thought. On receiving a FB message from John after the shocking Tower fire recently, John revealed once again what time had forgot. I have the contents of that FB message. 16 years on from our evening in London my prediction would become an horrific reality. What are we to make of this? Was it a destined thing that simply couldn’t be avoided? My life and story is stranger than fiction and the curse and blessing that is the sixth sense puzzles the will! Seeing into the future is a reality I know this as well as anybody. Understanding & explaining it? A whole new ballgame.

As near as damn it!

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There are too many who judge you and too many who think they know best. If you have a passion for anything in life you have been a success. Perfection is in all essence an unattainable desire. For that which is perfect to one will have flaws to another. Always be happy to get as near as damn it. For it is there that a certain degree of happiness can and shall be found. – The Cockney Bard

On Truth

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Truth hasn’t made me popular (hard to believe I know). Some even despise me. But I would never sacrifice truth to appease others – TCB