Are you a nut?


Before the diagnosis of being mad, insane, schizophrenic etc is accepted and you agree you are as nutty as a fruit cake, do give a thought to the alternative that you may hear voices of the soul/mind/spirit that brought many great works, writings, poems, philosophy including Blake, Keats, Shelly, Shakespeare, Marlowe, Rupert Brooke, Kipling, Socrates, Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, Churchill, Agatha Christie, Rossetti, Dr Dee and countless others not named including poets, philosophers, writers, musicians, artists and of course there is myself, fed with intelligence, Poetical, Philosophical & communicative insight from that wonderful extraneous source. 20 years of studying the mind has proven to me the mind survives death. Only those not willing to seek the truth won’t find it. Not everything you get or they (the above named) got comes/came from this source of course not, but it is that which does/did which is the great mystery, the holy grail, the discovery. Learn something new today for the greatest treasure of them all is within!


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