Science and Einstein ‘everything is made of energy’.

Word origin Psychology 1650s, “study of the soul,”

Energy never dies it just takes on a different form. In their calculation there is no room for the soul. Anyone who knows me knows that religion is not something I personally have any time for, but I do believe in the soul and a supreme intelligence beyond our limited understanding (call it God or whatever you like).

When the future is accurately predicted and when accurate insight is given to you, you cannot possibly have known before hand, accurate insight about people you have never met before and all proven true, let alone the thousands of communicative, philosophical and poetical pieces I have transcribed over the years via means of an extraneous source, it does make science seem a bit short sighted and very limited in their understanding. I have little trust in science I am afraid. If what i claim is right neither would you!.

I cannot teach you anything. I can only make you think – Socrates


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