There is no question the abundance of varied material gives one an extremely confident (if not certain) knowing there is a communication with the afterlife. I have produced hundreds of conversational texts, philosophical & poetical works written at great speed (not automatic writing) and without pause or punctuation. See ‘originals page’ on this website they are almost identical, which means they were written at roughly the same speed. Hundreds of words written without pause for thought dictated through me. A hand writing expert would confirm they are from the same person. The personality/style is different in the works from that of mine. It also differs between the works. If you then conclude that Gary is not the author but he has certainly written them all, what have you got? A pen with different minds. Once you have worked that out, you then have to work out how the future is predicted and invariably is accurate. Once you have ascertained that, you can only have one conclusion Gary wrote the work but was given it by others. Gary was also given the future and information from an extraneous source, simple really. The source is mankind’s mission to understand. All I (Gary) can do is demonstrate the ability which I can do at will and show the writings. Believe it or you don’t the hundreds of writings from the past 20 years are testimony to a question whose answer is within us all!


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