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Life after death – Do you believe?

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In 1996 I was staying at a friend’s house. I was very tired and had a long journey home, so asked if I could stay over. My friend agreed but said ‘I am afraid I only have two rooms. My wife who died 16 months ago has a room but is totally full of stuff, so if you stay it will have to be downstairs here on the floor!’ I agreed and got some blankets and made a bed and settled down and the lights went off. That night I had a remarkable experience, woken up in the early hours, I found myself sitting bolt upright watching the figure of a head floating across the room at near ceiling height. The head was of a women early thirties who stared down at me and smiled. She had a distinct bun in her hair and blonde hair fifties style. It was only a few seconds before it disapeared through the wall. My heart was pounding. I decided against waking my friend to tell him but spoke to him about it at breakfast. He did no more than got a photo from the top shelf. “Was this her?” he asked, It was! I could hardly believe it. “Yes Ron, that’s the person I saw last night.” “Oh my God,” he said as he sat hands cupped over his face. He looked absolutely stunned. He knew I had never seen his wife Ulla, not even a picture and yet from the accurate description I had given him of the vision he knew it was his wife. When Ronald had composed himself, he like myself, wondered why the vision was of someone young and beautiful. When Ulla died she was very thin, frail and terribly ill and more importantly over 60 years old. In the vision she was early thirties. It was mind-boggling. It added another dimension to my understanding. My vision had meant I not only had a possible communication with life after death through my writings, but also I had actually seen the distinct probability of life after death with my own eyes. This is why I believe in a spirit world and the afterlife. It has been proven to me! And because my friend had shown me the photo it was also a ‘truth fact demonstrated’. Amazing! Months earlier on meeting Ronald Bailey (a life long friend of actress Sheila Hancock and her late husband actor John Thaw) for the very first time I gave him the name of his wife ‘Ulla’ without even knowing him or ever meeting him before. He talks about this in a video interview below.




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There is no question the abundance of varied material gives one an extremely confident (if not certain) knowing there is a communication with the afterlife. I have produced hundreds of conversational texts, philosophical & poetical works written at great speed (not automatic writing) and without pause or punctuation. See ‘originals page’ on this website they are almost identical, which means they were written at roughly the same speed. Hundreds of words written without pause for thought dictated through me. A hand writing expert would confirm they are from the same person. The personality/style is different in the works from that of mine. It also differs between the works. If you then conclude that Gary is not the author but he has certainly written them all, what have you got? A pen with different minds. Once you have worked that out, you then have to work out how the future is predicted and invariably is accurate. Once you have ascertained that, you can only have one conclusion Gary wrote the work but was given it by others. Gary was also given the future and information from an extraneous source, simple really. The source is mankind’s mission to understand. All I (Gary) can do is demonstrate the ability which I can do at will and show the writings. Believe it or you don’t the hundreds of writings from the past 20 years are testimony to a question whose answer is within us all!

As true then as it is today

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“Strange  times are these in which we live when old and young are taught  falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is  called at once a lunatic and fool” – Plato

Making a circle a square – Here is how!

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A circle can be squared and here is the proof!

I once had a dream many years ago and in the dream I was shown four right angles, they then formed a square. I then saw the four right angles make a cross The four right angles then went on to form a swastika (ancient symbol of the sun). I then saw a circle and awoke. On awaking I pondered the circle to realise four 90 degree right angles make 360 degrees and 360 degrees is a circle. I had squared the circle. No doubt this is where the expression comes from ‘the four corners of the world’.


What a fool believes!

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On the ‘great intelligence’ of Stephen Fry

Hardly a great mind IMHO more like someone who reads a lot and has swallowed a dictionary! He thinks people like me are deluded. Ah, there is the rub. If you think that of me you have no concept of reality, and the ability to think at a higher level, than anyone who simply has a good memory for detail, words and facts! I don’t involve myself with all the spiritualists, psychics, mediums, mystics of this world (call them what you like) but what i can tell you is the sixth sense is very real. Whether you believe the dead can talk or not you cannot doubt i have something currently unexplainable to science or mankind. I have waited over twenty years for someone to prove it fake. They can’t, they won’t! Fry is probably a very decent chap but his views in this clip show a great ignorance!

Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare ‘He nor that affable familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence’. No one knows this greater than me. See,

Think you can prove it is fake?


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If, What & Why?

I was taught, I gave others my teaching, I questioned not. They questioned not. They believed, I believed that my teaching was just and true. Suddenly the world was full of people who questioned not. In a world of those that questioned not, the teaching became a truth and from that truth spawned the many of misunderstood. The misunderstood were those who never questioned if, what and why? – The Cockney Bard

Blind leading the blind

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Never been a fan of Science and its research. Too much funding, not enough fact and loads of theoretical nonsense that masquerades as fact.