To reason what love is

To reason love and what it is – The Cockney Bard

Loss brings so much pain. Who has never suffered loss?
Who has never felt pain? Each day brings a memory,
a thought, a tear. Embracing love of which is life’s essence, brings with it life’s great despair, when that which was once solid becomes thin air. Regrets frequent an otherwise sane mind. I should have done this or not done that. I believe in love more than anything this God damn life has to offer. Love of life, love of another human being. In a human’s capacity to think deeply on matters regarding the heart, one is to compound the simplicity of love into a far deeper semblance of reality than need be.
I love and need to be loved. One needs not to think too deeply on this. To love once or a million times is not to understand love. Love has no limits, no boundaries, no magic formula.


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