Remarkable story

Many years ago I stumbled upon an abiltity/gift I had to write from some ‘extraneous’ source completely outside of my conventional thinking. This source would give me insight into past, present and future. It also gave me wonderful philosophy and poetry. On one such occasion I picked up the pen and began to write over two hundred words in a couple of minutes with no pause, punctuation or grammar, making perfect sense, telling me to go to a place called 33 Belgrave Square, a place I had never even heard of. I was to go there within the next two hours of finishing the writing. There I would meet someone. A train journey from Essex to London was needed, so I immediately left. On arriving I did indeed meet someone there, an elderly man. Remarkably I was to give him the name ‘Ulla’ which turned out to be the name of his dead wife. Ronald Bailey long time friend of famous duo the late John Thaw and actress Sheila Hancock recorded a video of this very meeting and his experience of becoming a great friend of mine. I have had many truly remarkable experiences in my twenty odd years of studying the mind. These stories can be read in my book ‘In Search of The Swan’.  More reading about me can be found on www., & my blog page

What you can say about me and my life is I don’t do BS, what I have seen and experienced is totally genuine, can be proven and brings a whole new understanding to what we as human beings can achieve if only we knew how! How amazing too that Ronald Bailey died on the 26th of December my birthday!



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