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My favourite pastime

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Love an interesting complex debate on most subjects where rational and reason are intellectually thought through. Very difficult to find. Pushing the mind to extremities is my favourite pastime. Occasionally i pop back into my barrow boy East End alter ego with the odd swear word thrown in.


Learn something they won’t teach you in School or University

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Learn something they won’t teach you in any School or University. My website has had over 43,000 unique visitors at present. Thank you for your support.

I am currently finishing a Shakespeare book which should be out in the next couple of weeks. Sales of my book ‘In Search of the Swan’ are doing well, so a big thank you!

Astronomy speaks – The Cockney Bard

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Written by me, read by actor Trevor Markworth with some beautiful pics to view.



The famous and the occult

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The occult (hidden) link to many Hollywood stars and Governments around the world doesn’t surprise me. Many great minds throughout history have understood how you can communicate with spirits, but what ones you get is much like life. There are many great deceivers.. There is a wicked half and one which gives great poetry, philosophy and insight. You have to have a great expertise in sorting the wheat from the chaff and after 20 years and more of studying the mind i have as great an understanding as anyone. People can be controlled by it, lead their life totally by it for good and for bad. Ask Hitler! Only a fool could doubt its existence, someone blinded by ignorance or someone who simply doesn’t know!

Live Science Post – Bed rock Jesus Tomb

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I always believed rightly or wrongly that Jesus was an allegory and that the story was an allegorical journey of the sun. I am the light of the world, the sun is risen etc. Kristos ‘Christ’ means light. I could be wrong mind. There are some good books written on this subject. Apollo, Horus, Dionysus etc