What do you think?

What is Satanism?

Once upon a time there was a guy named Pan. He was a great guy. In fact he was a God, the Greek God of all. He was a nature God like the green man. History wasn’t kind to him though. Later in history he became Satan with his horns, the devil, a really nasty man who people by the millions feared. Written into some books of historical importance by God through man. That jolly man Santa who brings our presents at Christmas, once a year, was once ‘green’ yes, that is right green, just like nature, just like Pan, representing nature at its finest just like the green man, and by some strange and remarkable coincidence his name is an anagram of Satan. Well, can you believe that? So in reality we are afraid of nature dressed as a horned devil. In Italy his/her name is Faunus. As for the Illuminati doesn’t that simply mean ‘Enlightened’? Perhaps people are going down the wrong road and should be loving trees, flowers and the animal kingdom. Beautiful nature. I love Satan do you? If you have joined a worshiping cult, well good on you but it may have been simpler just popping out to the garden giving yourself to nature and enjoying the SUN once risen! I could be totally wrong about all this, so use your own intellect and research just in case I am. You may come to a different conclusion than me but that is called ‘individualism’ repeat after me I am an individual.

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