Are you a poet?

I am not a poet in the conventional understanding of what a poet is or is meant to be. I have no rules, I don’t spend hours writing or sit pondering delightful ditties, string long words together, rhyming couplets and quaint pieces for an afternoon recital, whilst having tea and scones. Neither am I a fan of absolute dross, pretending it to be wonderful stuff, award winning stuff, given gentle applause by clueless authorities on the subject. I know what banal is, and I also know what beauty is, therefore I do not have the emperors suit of clothes. What I am is someone who when I feel the muse upon me, do take up the pen and write pieces on all sorts of subjects. I have a website dedicated to them. My websites (main and this one) currently have over 50,000 views and are growing.

Have a good day!


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