Personal one to one from your home!

One to One with the Bard from your own home. It could change your life!

I will use Skype soon for personal one to ones in order to reach people all over the world. I will also talk on the telephone if you prefer. I will telephone you. UK or abroad. Cost of call normally included in price. I can help people with all kinds of issues using life experience and intuition. Perhaps you have issues you need help with? Personal, matters of law, so on and so forth. I do have an extensive and wide learning. Perhaps you would simply like to learn about healing, the sixth sense etc. You may even just like to have a chat with the bard on an intellectual, philosophical level or just a light hearted chat to help lift your spirits. Perhaps you are depressed, suffered loss etc. I can help! Perhaps you need healing in which case we can work together for positive results. Whatever the case £40.00 gets you 40 minutes. I won’t go a minute over, so don’t expect it. If you want more time add a further £20.00 on. I don’t mess about though, i call a spade a spade, i tell it how it is, not perhaps how you want it to be, as that helps no one. If i don’t think i should do it I won’t. I won’t tell you to leave your husband or wife for that matter either. If I sense I can’t help you I won’t even go there. I may even do it for free, if I feel it is right to do so. If you think you will catch me out don’t waste your time or money. It ain’t happening. If you are interested drop me a line either here on FB or email I will guide you through the payment process and how to install & use Skype. Word of warning:  A slot will be allocated if you cancel after payment you lose half your money! I don’t tolerate rudeness either so be nice!

I have extensive radio & TV experience, so perhaps you may want me on your show. If so drop me a line!


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