Shakespeare mystery


For those convinced Shakespeare, Marlowe, Oxford or Bacon wrote the works. If they wrote the works of Shakespeare as thousands of books claiming they did will testify, what about the Passionate Pilgrime 1599 and the POEMS: VVRITTEN BY WIL. SHAKE-SPEARE. Gent. Printed at London by Tho. Cotes, and are to be sold by Iohn Bensen, dwelling in St. Dunstans Church yard. 1640. At best they were contributors to the great enigma called Shake-speare aka Shakespeare. I can’t see how anyone can lay claim to the works being a sole author without it being a group input. A group need only be ideas, pulling resources. What about the book of Sir Thomas More for an example? They believe it contains different hands including Shakespeare. One author simply seems beyond logic!

They are all happy to proclaim their choice as the great bard but none of them will address the above. If you seek truth don’t avoid information which makes your reasoning illogical. Truth has no flaws!



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