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Last Night BBC Radio Interview

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Listen to the Cockney Bard on the BBC. Honest, forthright account of his life, loves & music!

02.07 you can hear the Bard on yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


Most Poetry today simply doesn’t cut the mustard!

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Poetry is God’s true voice. Let him who understand not, be forever oblivious to beauty in the form of the written word. Let him drink the wine, feed from the pig and indulge in the pleasures of the flesh!

 When i say poetry i do not mean the utter dross peddled out today. I refer to the great & good poets of the past. Poets who knew that simply stringing long words together did not make beauty.

face of such beauty – The Cockney Bard

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Ronald Bailey Interview about the Cockney Bard

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Gary Allen met Ronald Bailey in 1994. On this video interview conducted by Russell Hewitt in the summer of 1996, Allen is seen briefly writing at speed his chanelled inspiration (the muse), Ronald then tells of their first meeting and the impact it had on his life. He speaks about Allen’s remarkable healing and the writings he has transcribed. Sadly Ronald died on boxing day later that year. Shortly after this interview Allen was to see a vision of Ronald’s late wife. He had never met his wife as Ronald explains in the video. From a description of Allen’s incredible vision late one night, Ronald was to show him a photograph of his late wife and the vision Allen had seen was indeed Ulla. This vision along with information he had received through his gift/abilities over many years proved to him the existence of an afterlife. Ronald Bailey was a long time friend of well known actress Sheila Hancock and her late husband actor John Thaw.

Thought of the day – On individualism

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Footballer Andre Gray Burnley caused a storm and has had to publically apologise for a tweet four years ago. I would suggest the three hashtags were not what you do on a public forum. The first bit an opinion, the second a public showing of hatred. “Is it me or are there gays everywhere? Burn Die Makesmesick”. The media have focused on the opinion when the hashtags were the real problem.

People make an awful lot of others saying they dislike religions, peoples, races, colours, fat people, gays, the left, the right, PC, the EU, immigrants etc, etc. I have a different take. rather than being made to feel bad, apologise for you not liking something, someone, some group, being called racist, fascist, a nazi, homophobic, islamophobic, fatist et al, why don’t we all accept we are individuals with different likes, dislikes & different personalities. Loving your flag, your country, even causes outrage for some. Like, love, dislike & despise whatever you want. We don’t have to like what someone else likes or thinks is right.

We must draw the line at spouting hatred, but that goes without saying. Personal taste is another matter. Don’t feel ashamed or be made to feel ashamed if you don’t like something, or indeed have a differing opinion. I have my likes and dislikes, we all have our likes and dislikes. It is not wrong to have these. A like or love everyone, everything utopia doesn’t exist. Being individual makes you special. Repeat after me…I am an individual!

Sleep like death read by the Cockney Bard

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More Philosophy from the Bard

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Imparting truth is at times like pissing in the wind. People don’t appreciate how difficult it is!