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The Holy Grail

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The brazen head of Friar Bungay & Roger Bacon, the head of John the Baptist on a charger (disc, dish, grail), the blood of the Sun God at Sun set because of its colour as it died, the revered head Baphomet of the Knights Templar, the skull of immortality, Caput Mortuum, enlightenment, the head of prophecy, the fire, the soul, I am the light, the Holy Grail!



Thoughts on Plagiarism

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As a plagiarist you can copy another’s work, but your mind is so inept that if you try it becomes plainly obvious. Your standing amongst others will make you worthless. And besides, quality of penship never sought another’s ideas and work, but came from the irrepressible aptitude of a great mind. – the Cockney Bard

Science for fools!

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