On the loss of my mum

Pillow of tears – Mourning a Mother – The Cockney Bard

Lay your sweet head down dear mother of mine.
Wipe your tears for the children you have left behind.
Cuddle me in my dreams of night, hold me like a babe in arms.
Love, what else is there when life’s sweet breath alas is no more.
The goodbyes have ceased and the memory of time passing by
like a clock whose hands are still.
I long to tell you now how beautiful you are.
I scream so loud but to a silence where I can hear the roses cry.
When life ends we succumb to pain of which only a child for its mother weeps and mourns. Loss the unbearable loss.
Forgive me for my ills in troubled times.
For giving me life’s first breath.
I could never forget you, how could I?
How could anyone who knew you?
The pillow of tears is my one reminder of my great loss
and heavens gain. I will see you when time for me stands still.
I know I will. I say goodbye for one last time.
One last dance among the flowers of spring.


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