Education, Education, Education.

A website full of inspired work. Many written at great speed (composed in a minute or two), many differing subjects from the mind to death, differing styles, differing personalities, many minds but only one pen (mine). Over the years I have written thousands of pieces including many giving great insight (proven correct including future events). How many could you spot are from a man expelled early from school & talks like a barrow boy? Not read any books to gain an education, typical East Ender, call a spade a spade. I have been given an incredible intelligence. One in which no amount of schooling or books could have ever given me. Over twenty years I had been totally re-educated by this extraneous source, so much so I could dine at the table of the highest of mind & not be out of place! I don’t get rambling thoughts as my mind is in a complete meditative state. Any thoughts that pop into my mind are with great clarity. This is how i can write at great speed hundreds of dictated words without pause, yet making complete sense, as if i was in conversation with someone. The Poetry & Philosophy also dictated without pause giving me the perfect piece as if it were read from a book. The writings come at will. They are NOT automatic writing. I need only have a pen & paper. Where are they from? You decide!

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