Communicating Spirits – It is REAL believe me!

Going to see the John Dee exhibition in London soon. Close inspection of the pictures is needed. Spirit conversing is TOTALLY REAL & GENUINE but sadly for many it is their own mind. Many will get bad spirits, be told complete crap, some will be told to kill, some will be convinced it is someone famous, some will believe they are communicating with God, but if you are lucky you will have great powers of sorting the wheat from the chaff. You may even be greatly privileged as am I to get wonderful insight, poetry & philosophy. See Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare for greater understanding! The law I use is don’t believe all you get or trust in it. Keep an open mind & go by the quality of information you receive. People may not want to believe it or comprehend it but 20 years of study & I know the pros & cons. One thing I do know with great certainty is it is very, very real!



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