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On the loss of my mum

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Pillow of tears – Mourning a Mother – The Cockney Bard

Lay your sweet head down dear mother of mine.
Wipe your tears for the children you have left behind.
Cuddle me in my dreams of night, hold me like a babe in arms.
Love, what else is there when life’s sweet breath alas is no more.
The goodbyes have ceased and the memory of time passing by
like a clock whose hands are still.
I long to tell you now how beautiful you are.
I scream so loud but to a silence where I can hear the roses cry.
When life ends we succumb to pain of which only a child for its mother weeps and mourns. Loss the unbearable loss.
Forgive me for my ills in troubled times.
For giving me life’s first breath.
I could never forget you, how could I?
How could anyone who knew you?
The pillow of tears is my one reminder of my great loss
and heavens gain. I will see you when time for me stands still.
I know I will. I say goodbye for one last time.
One last dance among the flowers of spring.


Pigs Might Fly!

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The pig is a beautiful intelligent animal. Much hated through myth!

Educate yourself about this wonderful creature!







Welcome to the world of nonsense!

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Education is a great thing as long as it is ‘fact’ you are teaching. If you teach nonsense those who learnt the nonsense you taught them will teach others the nonsense & before long we have many believers in nonsense. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NONSENSE!

Education, Education, Education.

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A website full of inspired work. Many written at great speed (composed in a minute or two), many differing subjects from the mind to death, differing styles, differing personalities, many minds but only one pen (mine). Over the years I have written thousands of pieces including many giving great insight (proven correct including future events). How many could you spot are from a man expelled early from school & talks like a barrow boy? Not read any books to gain an education, typical East Ender, call a spade a spade. I have been given an incredible intelligence. One in which no amount of schooling or books could have ever given me. Over twenty years I had been totally re-educated by this extraneous source, so much so I could dine at the table of the highest of mind & not be out of place! I don’t get rambling thoughts as my mind is in a complete meditative state. Any thoughts that pop into my mind are with great clarity. This is how i can write at great speed hundreds of dictated words without pause, yet making complete sense, as if i was in conversation with someone. The Poetry & Philosophy also dictated without pause giving me the perfect piece as if it were read from a book. The writings come at will. They are NOT automatic writing. I need only have a pen & paper. Where are they from? You decide!

Ode To Sir Francis Bacon

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Believe it or not there is evidence the Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1st gave birth to a Royal baby named Francis Bacon. A certain painting gives you a clue of his Royal standing also written evidence in Spain & John Davies 1610 confirms he was Royal too. Also have a theory which is confirmed by a plaque that he is buried in St Gregorys Church, Norwich & not St Albans. A discovery written in Latin we made a few years back. Very controversial indeed!

index bacon


Good Queen Bess she had a lover

Robert Dudley she did smother.

She did take him to her bed.

And those in Spain say she is wed!

Goodness me a Virgin Queen.

A secret kept away unseen.

Her Spanish suitor called a halt

to the desire he had brought.

But that’s not all for there is more,

she had a child and that’s for sure.

A royal child but never king,

and on her finger she wore no ring.

A picture gives the game away,

for royalty in this display.

I jest you not this very day,

I tell you where the king doth lay.

Pray tell not where it is said,

for in that place he lay not dead.

A Touchstone, a Solomon, here on earth.

A tribute to show him for all his worth.

His body is buried obscurely

and now it’s discovered so surely.

Consumed with delight, we give honour to thee,

who layeth not in Saint Albans but Saint Gregorys.

John Davies of Hereford, Scourge of Folly (c.1610).

To the Royall Ingenious and All-learned Knight, Sir Francis Bacon.

Thy bounty and the beauty of thy witt
Compris’d in lists of Law and learned Arts,
Each making thee for great Imployment fitt,
Which now thou hast (though short of thy deserts,)
Compells my pen to let fall shining Inke
And to bedew the Baies that deck thy Front,
And to thy Health in Helicon to drinke,
As to her Bellamour the Muse is wont,
For thou dost her embosom; and dost use
Her company for sport twixt grave affaires:
So utter’st Law the livelyer through thy Muse.
And for that all thy Notes are sweetest Aires;
My Muse thus notes thy worth in ev’ry line,
With ynke which thus she sugars; so, to shine.



Communicating Spirits – It is REAL believe me!

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Going to see the John Dee exhibition in London soon. Close inspection of the pictures is needed. Spirit conversing is TOTALLY REAL & GENUINE but sadly for many it is their own mind. Many will get bad spirits, be told complete crap, some will be told to kill, some will be convinced it is someone famous, some will believe they are communicating with God, but if you are lucky you will have great powers of sorting the wheat from the chaff. You may even be greatly privileged as am I to get wonderful insight, poetry & philosophy. See Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare for greater understanding! The law I use is don’t believe all you get or trust in it. Keep an open mind & go by the quality of information you receive. People may not want to believe it or comprehend it but 20 years of study & I know the pros & cons. One thing I do know with great certainty is it is very, very real!


Extraordinary Find I Made!

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A few days ago I found this in the First Folio 1623 (Bodleian). It has never been written about or seen the light of day until now. Very strange & very, very interesting!

An active swain to make a leap was seen
which sham’d his fellow Shepherds on the green,
And growing vain, he would essay once more,
But left the fame, which he had gained before,
Oft did he try at length was forc’d to yeild
He stove in vain – he had himself excell’d.
So nature once in her essays of wit in Shakespeare took
the Shepherds lucky leap but over- straining in the great effort,
in Dryden, and the rest, has since fell short.

Below To The Memory of the deceased Author Maister
W. Shakespeare by L.Digges again very interesting. Why the hyphen?

This book when brasse and marble fade, shall make thee booke
fresh to all ages; when posteritie shall loath what’s new,
thinke all is prodegie that is not Shake-speares;