The sixth sense & healing hands are both natural abilities, innate within ALL mankind. A vastly variable ability which means some will be great, some good, some not so good. What is missing is they don’t know they have these abilities in the first place. Its understanding? No one truly understands it, even if they think & tell you they do. How good you are is anyone’s guess, but believe me you have these abilities alright. Over 20 years of studying the mind & trying to fathom how it all works & I know no more than the next person. What I do know is it has given me a phenomenal education. The following is simple to understand: the words Paranormal meaning ‘outside NORMAL’ (whatever normal means), Supernatural ‘natural & super’, Occult which simply means ‘secret’, ‘hidden’. So please don’t believe these ludicrous words when describing such gifts/abilities. It is nonsense. NATURAL, INNATE ABILITIES WITHIN US ALL. The world & his wife has decided to make them not normal, scare the sh*t out of people with nonsense about it & there you have it a world where it is seen as unnatural, which couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are a member of the human race you won’t need to be in a box marked psychic, medium, spiritualist, healer, master at this, master at that, sceptic or believer to have these abilities. You simply have to be able to breathe!

*I guess some may say how would you know everyone has these abilities as you can’t test everyone throughout the world. No, I agree but in my experience I am certain (call it a knowing) I am right. Happy to be proved wrong though! Met many people who didn’t believe until I showed them they could. I have never read a book on the subject, been trained, been on a course, had no teacher, no guru, no master. Not been taught, so simply no way mine isn’t a natural ability.



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