Life & Death – A Human Adventure

Life & Death – A Human Adventure – The Cockney Bard

Although my life is soon to end I ponder mistakes I have done. I grieve for a life wasted in short spans, for my time callous in places. Who am I, what am I on a road I briefly touched. I endeavored to be the best I could, when I could, but learning for me was a barrage of obtrusive sentiments, blocking an otherwise sensitive human being. I hated me at times with such a despairing loathing of who I should be, what I should be. In truth life seemed to pass me by. So here I am facing death, a certainty. Its revelation soon thrust upon me. I know not of death & what I shall face. I love to imagine it is some wonderful paradise, where many before me have walked, and where many will do so after my demise. I want to imagine many will celebrate my passing, but in reality I know no paradise, and no joyous celebration of the life I have had.

What will become of me as death knocks at my door? No celebration, no light, no darkness, nothing? I am to believe that? My all, my everything comes down to one moment in a lifetime, when I close my eyes for a final time, perhaps scanning a lifetime of memories? Perhaps an empty void where they should be? I realise now as death calls me that life could have be kinder, I could have been better, but my lasting memory was how short it all was, and that nothing could have prepared me for death. Death, be nice to me, be painless, be ruthless & quick for you are all I have left. I cannot foresee tomorrow. My needs are few, my wants are many but life & death are part of my journey, your journey too! Say goodbye from me won’t you as I sail on my merry way. Raise a glass or tip your hat. Please don’t forget me as life surely will. Death will embrace me, will comfort me, will bring me all I never found. And who knows I may return a better man on the road we know as life.


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