A problem for Science to solve!

Two examples from the thousands I have written. What are the two things you notice about them? They are 1) The writings are as follows; one a piece of poetical work & one a piece of conversational text. 2) The writing is almost identical in appearance indicating they were written by the same writer, have no punctuation, are roughly written at the same speed and are clearly from two different minds (excluding my own) & from the dates on them written months apart. In example one the person is suggesting I have a gift, I should rest from writing endless material. This indicates it is NOT from me and my own mind but some other extraneous source. The works not only include conversational text, poetry & philosophy but accurate insight including the future. So where is it from?

I heard the words as a thought voice being dictated to me & wrote them at speed. No pause, punctuation or grammar. This ability I have can be produced at will & is a 24/7 ability which means I can demonstrate it at the drop of an hat. I have written solid for over ten minutes without pause or punctuation hundreds of words in conversational text. I.E someone conversing with me via my pen.

What are the writings telling you about the Cockney Bard?


Being fed with intelligence see Sonnet 86 William Shakespeare.


Copy of clip_image002935738_565998260098555_331120117_n


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