Mr Bailey’s extraordinary meeting!

How amazing is it that Ronald Bailey was a man I met through extraordinary means by being at home at 11.00 one morning, picking up the pen & paper, writing from an extraneous source & being told to go to 33 Belgrave Square, London. There I was to meet someone. I was told to leave at once. A two hour journey ensued. Such was my believe in this gift/ability, I simply had to go. When I arrived I met Ronald Bailey giving him the name of his dead wife,despite never having met him before. His wife was named Ulla. Here he talks about that remarkable meeting. Later on in our great friendship I saw a vision of Ulla. A perfect vision where she could be seen in great detail. A photograph shown to me by Ronald confirmed what I had seen was indeed that of his dead wife. I then knew life after death existed in some form. What is also remarkable is Ronald died on the 26th of December 1996 shortly after this video was made. How ironic that Boxing day is my birthday! I loved that man I truly did!



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