Rather know the truth wouldn’t you?

Effective immediately, JREF will no longer accept applications directly from people claiming to have a paranormal power.Previously available Application Forms shall not be used and will be rejected without any review of the contents. We anticipate providing minimum required protocols for the preliminary test early next year. No one should make any effort to pursue the Challenge until those minimum required protocols are issued. The only exception is that any established psychic may contact JREF via email to be tested directly (preferably with an independent, third party TV crew.)
It’s been a great nineteen years and we thank you for your interest and support.
The Board of Directors of
The James Randi Educational Foundation
Chip Denman and Rick Adams

What a crock this is. I challenged ‘The Great Randi’ many years back when he was flying high. Destroying all & sundry, but when I challenged him in a postcard reply he declined. Said I was “a deluded person”. Little old Cockney Bard whopped his arse. It makes me laugh with these people like Derren Brown, Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Richard Wiseman, Chris French et al (at face value anyway) appear they haven’t a clue when it comes to understanding the sixth sense, intuition or the so called paranormal (a nonsensical made up word). They bang on about its non existence, but they won’t challenge you, won’t prove & demonstrate why you are fake. They go on shows TV & Radio, make online videos spouting nonsense in their distinctly limited understanding of the subject. I show the truth, I demonstrate the truth. I give you documented & reasoned argument. I have the proof. I would front them all on TV in a debate, everyone of them. You simply have to prove me wrong before saying it is nonsense. The higher your mind the better. Good luck with that!
Randi’s reply & an original writing where the spirit tells you they will be writing works through me!

21329_565995230098858_1670014546_n940865_565995696765478_1554719420_n spirit talking about my gift


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