Healing with hands – Natural or Not?

I don’t talk much about my healing abilities, but this week made me think I must do more. A man I know knocked at my door & said he wants me to help a friend of his. I gave this man healing last week for 2 minutes & his arm which he couldn’t raise above chest height can now raise above his head. He said “i was an amazing man”. No, the ability is amazing. I have helped many people over the years & animals including horses, even a biting reptile. How does it work? Do I know? No. No one truly knows. Does it work on everyone? No. What are the effects? From subtle to amazing. I have seen some miracles performed. Have you got certificates? No. This is an ability innate within all mankind. Some will be much better at it than others, but we can all heal. Could it be placebo? Of course, but not in many cases I have worked on & certainly never in animals. Two letters below: One of someone who had a stroke. I worked on the left hand side of his brain after he had lost all the dexterity in his arms & legs in front of me. After ten minutes he recovered. He went to the Doctors that day who gave him the all clear. The next day he drove me home on a 70 mile round trip. In his letter he thanked me for the miracle. Indeed it was. The second letter was a lady in France. She never spoke a word of English. Her hand which had not moved for over 40 years began to move after a 10 – 15 minute session. It was so incredible to see. I have the video evidence somewhere. She had no placebo. She was more concerned with her benefits being stopped. That made me laugh!

I am not religious, not a spiritualist, have no faith or belief system. I am not into the paranormal, reiki, new age or an advocate of love & light. What I am is a normal guy with abilities unfathomable to scientific understanding. Many call them gifts! I believe the sixth sense & healing hands are innate within the whole of mankind. They simply know not & understand even less. My greatest gift is the ability to use them (the gifts/abilities) wisely & comprehend them, if not fully then to some great degree.


ron lettermimi2


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