Dementia – I once was – The Cockney Bard

Piece written from the perspective of a dementia sufferer. My friend died of this. I really appreciate the wonderful comments I have had regarding not only this but my other works. So thank you all very much indeed.

I Once Was – The Cockney Bard

I sat looking at someone I knew I knew, but somehow I know them not. Each page of each day has lines that diminish one by one. You are not you anymore and I not I. I look in the mirror of time and relate to so little. The I that I used to be is not the I that I am now. All that is me is coiled in a spiraling oblivion of what used to be. My mind races with thoughts of what I am to you. Expressions seem the only way you know, but know not, of what I think, feel and am going through in my slow descent to death. Make me know, you know I know, touch me softly on the brow. Love will still be there long after the shell I become. For you, are you, and I am me, individuals who once shared a laugh, a tear, a cuddle. Now look at me, vacant, absent, no longer there. Cry not for me, as I no longer need, my time has come, you must go on. Letting go is life’s despair, so say goodbye to the I of now, but not to the I once was.


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