Imagine being able to pick up a pen anytime day or night, seven days a week and receive information. Information that gives you insight. An insight into day to day things. An insight into the future. Imagine that you could often get Philosophy & Poetry via this means. That the Poetry & Philosophy would be a constant stream without any pause or punctuation, giving you the perfect piece in a minute or two. Imagine that the content was from different minds, different personalities. Wouldn’t that be something? What if it could be demonstrated to you as something tangible.

If true it raises the following questions:

A) Where does all this information come from?
B) How does it work?
C) Seeing the future & it coming true. How is that possible?
D) The Poetry & Philosophy – How is it from different personalities, different minds, yet only written by one person?
E) If we are to say one is of proven sane mind, the material received is genuine, you rule out trickery, fraud, illusion then from where does it come?
F) What if all other options are ruled out? You really are left with only one answer and it is a startling realisation that is there is life after death & a form of communication remains open.
G) Science & Mankind’s current understanding tell you on death the brain dies and with it mind too. What I demonstrate, this ability demonstrates, and can be done at will, is this is simply not the case.
H) This is a challenge to Mankind’s current understanding. Can you provide the answer? Can you explain it? If you think you are highly intelligent, have the capacity to think, rationalise and reason, then this is a puzzle for you!



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