One Million Prize – Be Mad Not To Take It Up Wouldn’t You? ONE MILLION PRIZE – Simply appear on TV anywhere in the world & prove that it’s fake

This offer is open to anyone, anywhere in the world including well known debunkers Richard Wiseman, Chris French, James Randi, Derren Brown & Richard Dawkins. In fact I would love all five combined to go for the prize! Surely they could never make easier money than that could they? I have proven & demonstrated it does exist. Their task, your task is a simple one just prove & demonstrate it doesn’t!


The ‘Great’ James Randi (JREF) offers the world a million dollars to anyone who can prove they have any kind of psychic/paranormal ability. I challenged him many years back when Randi was destroying all & sundry on TV & Radio as fake, frauds & charletons. On realisation he would not be able to prove me fake he sent this postcard. Surprisingly there was no mention of his million dollar challenge, just a simple note declaring me deluded. Neither deluded or a miracle worker just demonstrating that which can be PROVEN! What did his reply prove? His challenge the ‘JREF million dollar challenge’ simply wasn’t genuine at all was it! Well James et al my website is there for all to see & so is your reply.



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