Seeing the future before it happened.

Do you have a great story about seeing the future before it happened? Can it be proven it happened? If so tell me your story. I would be very interested. Reply to this blog. Your story may even be featured on TV /Radio in the future.
CASE 1….The amazing horse race dream

I had a dream and would you bloody believe it was about a horse race. In my dream I saw the race in progress and from out of a pack of horses in the race came one a horse named Tedburrow and he went away from the field to win the race at odds of 11/1. I could clearly see the horse’s number 4. Later during the same sleep I saw the race again and exactly the same thing happened but this time I was looking at my winning ticket as well. I got up the following morning and bought the Sun newspaper. First race at Newcastle was the 2.10pm and there it was, a horse called Tedburrow. The race consisted of eight runners. It was an outsider at 11-1, I placed twenty pound to win and just as in my dream the race was run in identical fashion with Tedburrow winning coming from out of the pack. I collected £240. I saw the future in my dream without knowing it was running beforehand or anything. I did suggest to friends and family to back it, but sadly my dream didn’t fill them with much enthusiasm. And sadly no one but me backed it!

Original press cutting from the Sun & Tedburrow horse of my dream

We have never had a single date and have been married 11 years today. I predicted from seeing just a photograph of her in November 2002 that I would get engaged to her on the 14th Feb 2003 and we would be married on the 23rd April 2004 in a televised medieval wedding. I even bought an engagement ring and booked two flight tickets to Edinburgh (Rosslyn Chapel) for the special occasion of which she knew absolutely nothing about. Without even having had a date or being a couple could it really happen? A millions to one shot. What a mad fool I was! However fate was kind and it became reality. It was indeed televised by both the BBC & ITV on a glorious sunny day. If you think predicting the future is nonsense, well we are living proof it isn’t! Lucky I am indeed to have such a beautiful wife!

And Life has fired, and Death not shaded, All Time’s uncounted bliss, And the height o’ the world has flamed and faded, Love, that our love be this! – Rupert Brooke

Pictures of the Wedding Day & us at the BBC

21915_534545016577213_1892904005_n-wedding-picGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


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