An observation on the art of communication in debate

Whatever happened to letter writing & the art of wonderful debate where two people can look at a subject matter, debate it, come to a rational & reasoned conclusion? Ever noticed how many ‘dumbed down’ people use the words moron, arsole etc as their form of debate. This is not getting angry during the debate this IS their debating skill. They never have any facts but still wish to impose their eloquent debating ability on almost anything posted, quite often on very serious issues where you would have thought they would have at least not bothered posting at all. This observation is not aimed at any particular individual but in general. Shame Schools, Colleges & Universities don’t teach the art of good debate. No good having loads of good grades if you can’t debate is it? It is not just the ‘dumbed down’ either. I have noticed some seemingly intelligent people struggle too. They also find full & reasoned debate beyond them. They don’t use the words arsole & moron etc but tend to stop at the bit in the debate where they need to demonstrate the fact part. Always when debating have the card called ‘fact’ in your hand. It always ends a jolly good debate in your favour!


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