One pen & many minds

Over the last twenty years when the muse has been upon me I have written on many subjects from the mind to war. Pieces constructed in no more than a minute or two with no pause, punctuation or grammar. One pen & many minds – The Cockney Bard

No one will challenge it, put up a valid case against it, debate against it, instead they simply ignore it. It may challenge your belief system, it may challenge all you have been taught, read in books or understand as a human being, but all we have in this life are facts & falsehoods. Once you have ruled out falsehoods you are left with facts. This may be a very uncomfortable truth, an inconvenient truth but nevertheless it is a truth!

More on this can be found here & here

Where are the Wisemans’, Frenchs’, Randis’, Derren Browns’, Richard Dawkins’ of this world? They make videos, do talks, blogs, preach to the world of TV & media of its non existence. But here I am proving it, demonstrating it & showing it in the simplest way I can.

You don’t need to be religious, a believer, a spiritualist, have faith etc in fact it is better if you don’t. What you do need is a brain, a pair of eyes & the ability to admit you cannot find the flaw!


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