The Artist (Dante Gabriel Rossetti ) – The Cockney Bard

The Artist

I am as art but a mere canvas, upon which every thought is detailed and given substance. The colours excel in my desire to fulfill my dream, of a painting that defines what I am as a man. The brush moves like a ballerina in graceful pursuit of the perfect dance. I can be forgiven my weariness at times, when the day’s long, long hours play mischief with my mind. A reluctance to sleep that weary head, buried in an object desire for perfection, where my soul can delight in a pleasure to all senses, but in particular the pleasure of eye and mind. As an artist I am reminded throughout my life of the pain such perfection can bring. With brush and palette I require far more than just good thoughts to enjoy my day. I require patience personified, a stillness of hand, and a beautifying deliberation of my soul to greet the dawn with the finished piece.

artist rosetti

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