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Understanding ‘The simplicity of truth’

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I remember having a long debate with someone on the simple concept of truth. They said but “your truth is not our truth or might not be anyone else’s truth”. Ah I said “but my truth is anything that is fact”. Wales beat England yesterday that is a fact, therein truth. How can anyone else’s truth be different from mine? Only if you cannot grasp the simplicity of truth!


Beauty – The Cockney Bard

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Beauty never fades, nor does the sun extinguish its fire. For what is beauty? If you say I know, you’d be a liar. Beauty to one is not to another. To a mirror it is all things and nothing. Beauty is a perfection, unblemished and undefined. It is a pleasure unrestrained to the eye. To one beauty can be a rose in full bloom and to another the seed in the palm of his hand. In the darkness beauty is but a moment in the mind, and in the light, it is a perception of one’s own judgement. Beauty you are an illusion, a deception, a fool’s gold. All things to all men. In revealing her I too am condemned to the fickle folly of describing beauty!


One pen & many minds

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Over the last twenty years when the muse has been upon me I have written on many subjects from the mind to war. Pieces constructed in no more than a minute or two with no pause, punctuation or grammar. One pen & many minds – The Cockney Bard

No one will challenge it, put up a valid case against it, debate against it, instead they simply ignore it. It may challenge your belief system, it may challenge all you have been taught, read in books or understand as a human being, but all we have in this life are facts & falsehoods. Once you have ruled out falsehoods you are left with facts. This may be a very uncomfortable truth, an inconvenient truth but nevertheless it is a truth!

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Where are the Wisemans’, Frenchs’, Randis’, Derren Browns’, Richard Dawkins’ of this world? They make videos, do talks, blogs, preach to the world of TV & media of its non existence. But here I am proving it, demonstrating it & showing it in the simplest way I can.

You don’t need to be religious, a believer, a spiritualist, have faith etc in fact it is better if you don’t. What you do need is a brain, a pair of eyes & the ability to admit you cannot find the flaw!

Believe me the boundaries are limitless

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on September 21, 2015 by thecockneybard if you thought you’d seen everything well think again. You don’t have to be religious, a believer, a spiritualist, into the paranormal in fact its better if you like me are not. All you need to do is open the box. Once opened you can’t say you haven’t seen it & you can’t say it is something that won’t challenge your whole thought process. I have studied the mind for twenty years & believe me the boundaries are limitless!

The wonderful Holt 40’s weekend

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Reasonable to question

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It is reasonable to question. It is also reasonable to get an answer. When you get the answer it is reasonable to question the answers validity. Never will the question be worthy of an answer if the validity of that answer is never questioned. It is called obtaining truth – The Cockney Bard

Such beauty – The Cockney Bard

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Were ever your beauty to smile, ‘tis more the sanity of mind deceived and yet were ever to please a face of such beauty. Were ever more beauty to touch and grace, so sweet a charmed face, where heaven did smile before thee in celebrated glee. Oh see with eyes whom whisper silent verse, a magical spell, never to seek or tell a beauty’s tale. Fortunes bless thy skin so fair and words the poet speak so well, voice thy beauty’s fallible hell. Never thus to shame the rose but thus he did compare. ‘Twas beauty bound upon thy lips that ever more a pleasure shared, than eyes did ever see such beauty.