Just why wouldn’t the great Randi expose the Bard as fraud?


The self proclaimed ‘great’ James Randi debunker extraordinaire exposed all & sundry in his books, on Televison & Radio including Uri Geller & many more, but the Cockney Bard was one he simply wouldn’t or even dare not attempt to expose as fraud. The offer was made to him way back in 1994 when Randi was at the peak of his powers. His JREF One Milion Dollar offer to anyone who could prove they had any kind of psychic/sixth sense power was a meaningless sham. No matter what great abilities anyone had there was no chance of obtaining the prize. They would simply select those easily exposed & those they had no chance of exposing as fraud were simply NOT investigated. Rather than expose me on Television he decided that calling me ‘deluded’ was the safest option. Just why didn’t Randi take up the offer I made to him in 1994? Simple, he knew he couldn’t! if Randi or anyone else for that matter believes there is no such thing as psychic/sixth sense abilities then why not take up the bard’s challenge…. I bet you don’t!  The irony is we all have a sixth sense. It is a perfectly normal, innate ability. All human beings have it, even those like ardent old sceptic Randi. http://www.thecockneybard.com

Read all about Randi here  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Randi



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