Misconceptions explained

The word Psychic comes from the ancient Greek word meaning ‘Psyche’ mind/soul powers. Paranormal is a made up word possibly from 1905 consisting of two parts Para meaning ‘outside’ & normal whatever that is? Occult  from the 15th century word Occulte from the Latin Occultus simply meaning (secret/hidden)  Clairvoyance 18th Century word meaning (gift/ability of seeing things out of sight) from special use of French clairvoyance (Old French Clerveans, 13th Century.)  Supernatural made up of two words super & natural (fifteenth century) from the medieval Latin supernaturlis (Divine, given by God). Supernatural being half right as the abilities of healing with hands & a sixth sense/psychic/intuitive ability are perfectly natural, nothing super about them. Lack of understanding & a scientific/religious/medical need to make it somewhat evil, an illness, non explainable by scientific method (which of course it is) have attributed to this. I prove the abilities are perfectly natural. I have had no training, no courses, no teachers, no masters, no gurus & read no books on the subject. Not being in a box labelled as a psychic, mystic, healer, occultist you name it, makes it somewhat difficult for me to tell others exactly what I am (people seem to need a label, whereas I prefer to demonstrate what I have). All you need is an understanding & on understanding you realise intuition/sixth sense is NOT a gift, NOT something scientifically or otherwise unprovable, an illness or evil, but a perfectly genuine & most certainly NATURAL, variable, ability within us all.


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