Shakespeare pot inspired genius – I doubt that!

Shakespeare one of the world’s greatest enigmas. Worth looking at sonnet 86 for an answer to great inspiration. Rather than pot may I suggest an explanation for genius is an extraneous source like the one which inspired Blake, Bacon, Shelley, Keats, Brooke, Christie & many other great writers, poets & philosophers. This Interesting piece would give rise to the fact of this source. Ben Jonson, Timber: or, Discoveries (Herford 622)

De Shake-speare nostrat. ‘I remember, the Players have often mentioned it as an honour to Shakespeare, that in his writing, (whatsoever he penn’d) hee never blotted out line. My answer hath beene, Would he had blotted a thousand. Which they thought a malevolent speech.’ The extraneous source would inspire in exactly the same way of ‘never having to blot a line’ something I can prove. Out of interest ‘The Passionate Pilgrime’ (1599) is an anthology of 20 poems collected and published by William Jaggard that were attributed to “W. Shakespeare” on the title but include other poets/playwrights including Marlowe among others. I believe the first folio of 1623 is in much the same vein.

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