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Thought of the day

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Opinions are great and everyone should have one. I like fact myself makes opinion redundant!


Police using Psychics – Mad, stupid? Read Zammit’s report

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Much has been said about the idea of using Psychics to solve police cases. This kind of work is not for me but Zammit profiles many cases of Psychics & Policing. The Police have given testimonials to verify it. Is it nonsense? You decide!

Ronald Bailey talks about meeting the Bard

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  The short video interview explains of a remarkable meeting, the miracle of a dog healing & his feelings about his time knowing me.

Ronald Bailey was a close friend of actress Sheila Hancock & her late husband John Thaw. Soon after this video was made in 1996 I was to see a vision of Ron’s late wife. After my description of the vision he then showed me a photograph & the vision was indeed his late wife. This convinced us both of some form of afterlife as not being merely a possibility but an absolute certainty.

Just who is the Cockney Bard?

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People have asked me to tell them who the Cockney Bard is? So here goes in a brief summary:

I am 54 years of age and was born in Plaistow, East London. I left school early, having no qualifications to my name. At the age of 33 I discovered on awaking one morning, an incredible urge to write. Shortly afterwards I put pen to paper. After no more than a couple of minutes, I had written down well over two hundred words. On reading what was written, I was amazed to see that the thoughts on the paper and the style of writing were not mine. So excited by this development was I that I called a friend.

On his arrival for some unexplainable reason I grabbed his left shoulder. Seconds later he began moving his arm in a circular motion, totally dumbfounded. He told me that he had a limited use of that arm due to it being damaged in Karate. In fact he couldn’t raise it above shoulder height. Amazingly now he could! I then read him what had been written down earlier that day. He quickly realised the writing was not from me, even though I was the pen. He asked me if I could give him a demonstration? which I did.  He saw me write at great speed over 200 words. Again the thoughts and personality were of someone quite different from me. This time the person or source giving me the writing gave him personal information about his wife that I could not possibly have known.

I continued to write in this manner everyday thereafter. I began getting told things relating to the future, my future, which came to fruition. Some months later I began to receive via this method of writing, poetical and philosophical works. I was by this time hearing what I can only describe as a ‘thought voice’ that would dictate to me. Again these were all written at great speed. The works contained a number of different personalities, far different from the East Ender I am. The writing continues until this present day. Future events predicted by the writing source came true, not only for me but others as well. I have been given an intuitive ability that enables me to obtain information relating to past, present and future.

At the age of 42 something else remarkable happened. On seeing just the photograph of a woman, I saw my future wife. I knew the exact day of our engagement, the exact date of the wedding, I also predicted what type of wedding it was going to be (medieval), that the wedding would be televised and that we would have a gloriously sunny day. So sure was I this would come true that I purchased an engagement ring & booked two flight tickets for someone I had not even dated. All these things have since come to pass. In fact without us ever even having had one single date, we have now been married for 11 wonderful years. As for the healing with hands, many remarkable things have taken place.

I have had no teacher, no training, no qualifications and no certificates, so this proves one thing, whatever it is I have is all natural. Where does the writing come from? Some of it is of course or could be from my own ‘mind’ but most of it is proven not to be from me, so where does it come from? The ability is NOT automatic writing & can be accessed at will 24/7. It has been proven beyond doubt that you can see the future and you can communicate beyond this life too. There is no flaw in the ability & no one has ever proved it fake. Over the years I have had a total re-education thanks to the ability. The Cockney Bard is a name my wife came up with. I loved it and so it has stuck. Many months after being given the name we discovered it was a derogatory term given to poet John Keats. There you have it, a very brief summary of ‘The Cockney Bard’.

Examples of my work & writings can be seen on my websites &


Wedding day pic 23rd April 2004

Naked Science BBC Radio Five

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I am often awoken having left the radio on to this programme. Tonight they are talking about the planet Pluto & telling us with great certainty how the universe formed from a ball of dust (with no mention how the so called ‘ball of dust’ got there in the first place). They even give you time scales. Any serious thinking individual would realise that the whole thing is ludicrus nonsense. I cannot believe they believe this themselves, but hey they do, & do their best to brainwash others with it. I wish they would just admit they haven’t got a clue how the universe, wonderful nature in all its glory, along with all its incredible complexities & diversity came into being.

Oh the irony of it all!

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Dr Richard Wiseman holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. The very well known TV & Radio sceptic who tells everyone there is no such thing as intuition, sixth sense etc. He obviously doesn’t believe in the existence of the soul then does he? Rather odd that when you read the origin of Psychology. An understanding of the below will tell you Psychologists study the soul!

Bet he doesn’t know this:

Psychology 1650s, “study of the soul,” from Modern Latin psychologia, probably coined mid-16c. in Germany by Melanchthon from Latinized form of Greek psykhe – “breath, spirit, soul”

Oh the irony of it all!

indexrichard wiseman

Just why wouldn’t the great Randi expose the Bard as fraud?

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The self proclaimed ‘great’ James Randi debunker extraordinaire exposed all & sundry in his books, on Televison & Radio including Uri Geller & many more, but the Cockney Bard was one he simply wouldn’t or even dare not attempt to expose as fraud. The offer was made to him way back in 1994 when Randi was at the peak of his powers. His JREF One Milion Dollar offer to anyone who could prove they had any kind of psychic/sixth sense power was a meaningless sham. No matter what great abilities anyone had there was no chance of obtaining the prize. They would simply select those easily exposed & those they had no chance of exposing as fraud were simply NOT investigated. Rather than expose me on Television he decided that calling me ‘deluded’ was the safest option. Just why didn’t Randi take up the offer I made to him in 1994? Simple, he knew he couldn’t! if Randi or anyone else for that matter believes there is no such thing as psychic/sixth sense abilities then why not take up the bard’s challenge…. I bet you don’t!  The irony is we all have a sixth sense. It is a perfectly normal, innate ability. All human beings have it, even those like ardent old sceptic Randi.

Read all about Randi here