Sometimes things are beyond explanation

spirit wrote excellent

Sometimes things are beyond explanation. One of my earliest writings. All I had was a pen & paper and I wrote the above. Spelling mistakes are down to me as the words were & are dictated as I write them down. Many differing personalities have written through me over the years. It is NOT the phenomenon known as automatic writing as I can obtain the contact at will without the need to be controlled, in trance etc. Simply put I am a pen of many minds. (see conversing spirits/original writings pages on my website for more examples & an indepth write up on the subject)

Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare gives you an insight ‘that affable, familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds) him with intelligence.’ It is a challenge for the human mind to comprehend. The plain & simple fact is I was, I am & will always be fed with that intelligence!


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