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As long as you have the IQ of a Bacon Sandwich you will get the gist of what it is all about. If you think it is nonsense & can’t get your head around what is being said perhaps you could challenge the Bard & prove its all fake. A One Million Pound Prize to the first one to demonstrate on TV its fraudulent. Easy isn’t it?


Please Note: I am not asking people to believe me. Personally I don’t give a monkees whether they do or not I just tell my story. Its an amazing one too! My story is a million miles away from the mumbo jumbo you read, hear & see on the TV/Radio/Newspapers/Magazines etc. Much of that is truly banal, regurgitated & made up nonsense. Some would sell their soul in the world of the so called ‘paranormal’, supernatural claptrap. I am not here to be liked & adored by millions but simply respected for telling the truth!


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