The Bard’s Website

My website has now passed over 30,000 views & growing. OFCOM rules due to a complete lack of understanding & ignorance demand if you appear on TV or Radio the requirements are you cannot do this, you cannot say that, it must be for entertainment purposes only, which simply imply its fake. You can however be on if its in an investigative capacity but if it is investigated & found to be truth which it will be and it is, you have to remove the label for entertainment purposes only. It has massive implications for everyone including Doctors, Psychologists, Scientists, Religion you name it, everything will have to change. To some the thought of it will frighten, some will find it abhorrent, but truth is truth & the only thing worse than confronting an uncomfortable truth is being lied to & living that lie. Forget all the paranormal, supernatural, occult nonsense you have been brainwashed with. There are reasons it is kept from you. Shakespeare, Bacon, Keats, Shelley, Blake, Da Vinci, Marlowe, Plato, Christie, Yeats, Brooke along with many other well known artists, writers, poets, philosophers knew of the true source of that creative genius, the muse, the mind, the thought. People are happy to read their books, perform their plays, enjoy their work, sing its praise, laud it as great poetry, art, literature but unable to embrace its origins, unable to speak of its origins, therein being ignorant of truth. The website brings you that truth!


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