Where are they all?

Sceptics in search of ‘truth’ haven’t been on TV or Radio with me. I wonder why? Randi even claimed many years ago ‘I was deluded’ but he had no intention of proving it. I would have thought it would have been easy for magic circle magicians like them to prove me fake wouldn’t it? Surely they can replicate what I can do can’t they? They claim they have spent years researching something they claim doesn’t exist. How do you research something that doesn’t exist? Truth will never be found if you have no intention to find it! You cannot take any of these guys seriously for their expertise on the so called ‘Paranormal’ you honestly can’t. They either have an agenda to stop you the public knowing the truth or they are extremely naive in their understanding of something perfectly natural like intuition, the sixth sense & healing with hands. I would love to appear on TV or Radio with all five at once. it would make for a fascinating debate. They would bring their opinion while I would bring my facts. Because it is all proven lines they spin like ‘its interesting but needs more research’ simply won’t wash!

French, Wiseman, Randi, Brown & Dawkins downloadfrenchdownloadwisemandownloadrandidownloadbrownindexdawkins


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