Dummies Guide To The Cockney Bard


1) I learnt very little at secondary modern school. In fact I got expelled

2) I have never read a book, had a Master, Guru, went on any courses or classes.

3) I have no religious beliefs, no faith based belief.

4) I am not into the Paranormal, Spiritualism, Supernatural, Most Haunted nonsense or the Occult.

5) The abilities I have both intuitive/psychic/sixth sense (call them what you will) & healing are perfectly natural. I prove that. (see 2)

6) I hear voices in the head, write what the voices say. Often giving me philosophy, sometimes poetry, sometimes communication, sometimes  insight, sometimes accurate future prediction. Often written at great speed (no more than one or two minutes in most cases) without pause or punctuation. The ability has totally re-educated me. I now have an interest in world affairs, current affairs, politics, Shakespeare authorship debate, poetry, philosophy, classical music, art & a host of other subjects. I am also able to debate with the highest of minds.

7) The material that is feeding me my intelligence is from the same extraneous source Shakespeare (knew about for certain), Bacon, Shelley, Keats, Blake, Brooke, Dr John Dee, Da Vinci, Plato & many others throughout history including more recently Michael Bentine, Agatha Christie & Churchill have connected to it to varying degrees & understood it as best as they possibly could. See Shakespeare’s sonnet 86 for reference. ‘that affable familiar ghost which nightly gulls (feeds)him which intelligence.

8) It is all proven genuine & can be demonstrated at will. 24/7  in fact. I have had over 20 years experience, produced thousands of writings & beyond any doubt know of the existence of an afterlife. What form that takes is anyone’s guess but what cannot be doubted is the evidence produced.

9) Sceptics, Science, Doctors, Psychologists & Psychiatrists have all failed to explain it or discredit it.

10) The voices can be good or bad. Bring great material including philosophy, poetry & great insight. On the downside they can be very destructive. The demons (spirits) in a weak individual could and have had terrible consequences for some. If the field of psychiatry had more idea they would realise the soul/muse/demon/spirit truly does exist. Voices in the head is not always a sign of madness but genius too!

Is anyone interested? Does it matter? Who cares? If you are interested in truth & not the rubbish you are told, then the answer is yes. What is important is mankind’s understanding. If it cannot be proven fake, then it is genuine & if it is genuine it is important for the world to learn of it & understand it.

Why not take up the Bard’s TV & Radio challenge to prove its fake. Prove I am misguided, deluded or you know it is a mental health issue that is the answer. It is open to everyone from the highest mind to the lowest mind. If you can prove it fake then take it up!

For the Richard Dawkins, Derren Brown, Richard Wiseman, Chris French, James Randi et al school of thought & any else for that matter, don’t just think its nonsense, prove its nonsense, demonstrate its nonsense. They don’t & they won’t! None of the people mentioned are stupid, so that leaves us with two possibilities 1) they know perfectly well it exists but have an agenda or 2) they are incredibly naive.




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