Spirits Channelling Through People

One of the great problems for people when they claim that their material is channelled through them by ‘spirits’ ranging from Jesus to Merlin (yes, some actually believe that) is the quality produced. Two very famous ones are listed below. Little is known or at least made public that Agatha Christie was another also inspired in this way. For twenty years I have studied this phenomena & understand the pros & pitfalls. Sorting the wheat from the chaff that being your own thoughts from the spirits you are supposed to be channelling is incredibly difficult. All you have are the writings & work produced. Much claimed by many to be from spirits is at best an over active imagination. Much is truly of no merit whatsoever. My abilities differ greatly from the Worths & Cummins of this world but their stories are interesting in their own right. If you are unfamiliar with channelling, doubt its true existence, there is an abundance of evidential material that will bring a certainty of clarification for you. As for finding the answer? One thing for certain is the mainstream world of Psychiatrists, Psychologists & Scientists would rather you didn’t!




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