Bard’s thoughts on the Charlie Charlie Challenge

A new craze called the Charlie Charile Challenge has gone viral. It is basically an Ouija board but simplified by using pencils & paper. Do spirits/demons really exist – Yes. Can you connect with spirits/demons in this way – Yes. Can it be dangerous – Yes. Is spirit/demon communication evil – if you get something bad of course it can be. On a positive front I have produced much wonderful Poetry & Philosophy & been given great insight which counteracts the negative. Is it really Charlie? – No. You really need to understand what you are doing. 20 years of experience has shown me there IS another existence other than the one we have & you can communicate with it. We all can. The spirits/demons can be great deceivers as in life but the genuine communicators can produce great material, give insight & be beneficial to mankind’s understanding of the soul.

imagescharlie charlie


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