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After over 20 years of healing with the hands here are my observations.

Question Does healing with hands really work? What can it help with?

Answer Most certainly it does. It has helped all kinds of disease and illness. Major and minor.

Question How does it work?

Answer No one truly knows. Some say its an energy that comes through the hands and goes into the subject. I know it works but cannot be certain how, other than that its all supposition how it does. People have felt during healing varying things from heat, cold, feeling sleepy, the sensation of being operated on, tingling etc.

Question Does it work on everyone?

Answer No. Some get absolutely miraculous results, some small benefit and others none at all. Two people could have the same complaint, one gets better the other doesn’t.

Question Why is that?

Answer Absolutely no idea. No one truly knows. Some will have their own ideas but like its source, it is only speculation, no one truly knows.

Question Could it simply be a placebo effect as medical professionals and those of a sceptical nature would claim? A matter of faith?

Answer No. Here is why. Animals benefit from healing too and they cannot possibly have the placebo effect. Also one example I can give was the healing given to a french lady recorded on video. She couldn’t speak a word of English. The effects of the healing are clearly remarkable and there is video evidence and written testament to the healing. As for placebo it will undoubtedly play a role with some healing, on some people, that is obvious. To to say it is the answer is clearly wrong.

Question Why is it not accepted by Doctors and the medical profession?

Answer Some do accept it but the general accepted view is not positive. Doctors spend years training and the healers don’t. The Doctors reasonably understand the human body. Healers generally don’t. Doctors prescribe drugs. Healers don’t. Drugs make considerble money. If everyone healed with their hands no serious money is made by the drugs companies. I think that is a fair point.

Question Who can do the healing? Do you need expert training?

Answer In my humble opinion I believe everyone can heal. I believe it is an innate abilty all human beings have. I don’t think it is special or a gift, other than to say some will be more adapt at it than others. I also don’t think you can empower anyone with healing ability. As for expert training? No one can possibly be an expert on something no one truly understands. You of course need to learn the basics and how to deal with people and their expectation of the healing. Most importantly you cannot claim to cure anyone. I am proof it is a natural ability as I have had no training, read no books or had no understanding of what it is. Years of experience have taught me right from wrong, but there is no specific way to heal, or some extra super energy some claim they tap into. Some even claim to empower others with the healing, this is absolute nonsense!

Question Is Reiki different from what you call natural healing?

Answer In my humble opinion it works exactly the same, only there are symbols used in Reiki. I believe they claim it is a different type of energy, but quite simply they cannot prove that and to me the clue is in the word Reiki (universal energy). No one understands how the healing truly works, but many claim they do. I believe they also claim they can empower others with the healing, this as I have said before is complete nonsense.

Question What do think of Spiritualism and their healing?

Answer Healing courses that last for months & years. probationers, qualifications for this that etc and an in the box approach doesn’t appeal much to me. What they don’t explain when they do the teaching is it doesn’t take long to teach someone the basics, and that you don’t have to be a spiritualist for any of the work, whether that be mediumship or healing. In my dealings with the movement which were few, many years back I personally found there was far too much dogma, control and red tape. I felt many thought they were special, especially the stage mediums. Some had reached Demi-God status and EGO became their master. Of course there are some beautiful souls in Spiritualism but sadly much envy and resentment too. A lot of nonsense is spoken about the difference between psychic and medium. 20 years of my work has taught me its all the same. I found lots of so called ‘experts’ with very little understanding, believing they had all the answers, when in reality they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Question Do you ever think hand healing will become accepted as normal?

Answer I would like to say ‘yes’ but throughout history examples of healing have been documented and proven, but still it is not accepted. All you can do like the sixth sense is demonstrate how natural it is and let people decide for themselves. Let people think, reason and hopefully come to the right conclusion. If it is proven it is fact and if it is fact, it exists. It is that simple.

Question Could Science test the healing abilities?

Answer Of course and they can be replicated. I have some amazing testimonials from people for the healing & work on animals (horses in particular) I have given. Some astounding success. People shouldn’t place to much emphasis of the value of the Scientist, the Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist etc when it comes to things such as healing, the sixth sense etc because you must remember these things mean big change in their thought process, what they have learnt. It’s a big change for them and the world as a whole. To change what is now is a big step but one people will make through their own questioning. That is all you need to do is question. Don’t just accept what you are told, have been taught or read in a book!


Bard’s thoughts on the Charlie Charlie Challenge

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A new craze called the Charlie Charile Challenge has gone viral. It is basically an Ouija board but simplified by using pencils & paper. Do spirits/demons really exist – Yes. Can you connect with spirits/demons in this way – Yes. Can it be dangerous – Yes. Is spirit/demon communication evil – if you get something bad of course it can be. On a positive front I have produced much wonderful Poetry & Philosophy & been given great insight which counteracts the negative. Is it really Charlie? – No. You really need to understand what you are doing. 20 years of experience has shown me there IS another existence other than the one we have & you can communicate with it. We all can. The spirits/demons can be great deceivers as in life but the genuine communicators can produce great material, give insight & be beneficial to mankind’s understanding of the soul.

imagescharlie charlie

Now sleeps the Crimson Petal

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Very surprised to see Shona’s version of this which is mesmerising has nearly 20,000 hits on youtube. She has a very versatile voice. Very talented indeed. 

War a reminder to all

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We often hear of the holocaust involving the Jews at the hands of the Nazis but we never hear of the genocide & atrocities committed to the German people as was depicted in a BBC Two programme last night, where men, women & children were raped, murdered, beaten to death, starved to death, tortured to death, victims of genocide after the war was OVER as revenge for atrocities committed by the Nazis. Many innocent Germans lost their lives, their only crime being or speaking German. It got me thinking the horror of war is equally matched by losing to victors!

Thought for today

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All the paranormal junk has got in the way of a greater understanding. Para means ‘outside’ normal. No such thing. It led away from truth! I think what I teach is simple enough to understand. You just need to un-educate yourself first! Some say conversing with spirits is evil. Simply put it’s the muse. Shakespeare, Plato et al knew it. Great Poetry & Philosophy isn’t evil! Shakespeare, Keats, Shelley, Yeats, Rupert Brooke, Plato, Sir Francis Bacon, Marlowe, Blake. A few of many who knew the truth of the muse! The basis of any argument and I have had a few is you prove your point with fact. Great debate has substance. Fools don’t seem to think they need any! I learnt little at school, expelled at 15. At 33 I learnt of the soul. By 53 I was cultured and could entertain with the highest of mind.

The Human Being – The Cockney Bard

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Oh the human being, that complex character. Unfathomable, unpredictable human being. Who in their head goes where no one knows. Silly, emotional, brave at times, utterly stupid at times human being. who toils, sometimes in deceit to achieve their day. I often wonder on observing this rather strange character, if I am alone in understanding the immense diversity of substance from one to the other. From the utterly sublime to the ridiculous. I am left to wonder if life and nature has less surprises than mankind. I know you human being, I truly do. No, in fact human being, I don’t know you at all!

The Three Faces Of Shakespeare

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STRATFbustdownloaddugdaleimagesnew drawing shakespeare

The Stratford Bust of Shakespeare as seen now with quill & parchment showing him as a writer. The Dugdale drawing of 1634 depicts Shakespeare’s bust as it was then with Shakespeare holding a bag of grain, which would make him a grain merchant & now we have the new drawing of Shakespeare recently discovered. Three different faces for one man. Garrick created an industry from it & the world’s greatest invention was born.