We have never had a single date and have been married 11 years today. I predicted from seeing just a photograph of her in November 2002 that I would get engaged to her on the 14th Feb 2003 and we would be married on the 23rd April 2004 in a televised medieval wedding. I even bought an engagement ring and booked two flight tickets to Edinburgh (Rosslyn Chapel) for the special occasion of which she knew absolutely nothing about. Without even having had a date or being a couple. Could it really happen? A millions to one shot. What a mad fool I was! However fate was kind and it became reality. It was indeed televised by both the BBC & ITV on a glorious sunny day. If you think predicting the future is nonsense, well we are living proof it isn’t! Lucky I am indeed to have such a beautiful wife!

And Life has fired, and Death not shaded, All Time’s uncounted bliss, And the height o’ the world has flamed and faded, Love, that our love be this! – Rupert Brooke

21915_534545016577213_1892904005_n-wedding-picGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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