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The Artist (Dante Gabriel Rossetti) – The Cockney Bard

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The Artist

I am as art but a mere canvas, upon which every thought is detailed and given substance. The colours excel in my desire to fulfill my dream, of a painting that defines what I am as a man. The brush moves like a ballerina in graceful pursuit of the perfect dance. I can be forgiven my weariness at times, when the day’s long, long hours play mischief with my mind. A reluctance to sleep that weary head, buried in an object desire for perfection, where my soul can delight in a pleasure to all senses, but in particular the pleasure of eye and mind. As an artist I am reminded throughout my life of the pain such perfection can bring. With brush and palette I require far more than just good thoughts to enjoy my day. I require patience personified, a stillness of hand, and a beautifying deliberation of my soul to greet the dawn with the finished piece.

 artist rosetti


What a spiritual road has taught me

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The spiritual road is a long, long, hard road. You need not be an advocate of love & light, be pious, spiritual, religious, believe in God or anything for that matter. It has taught me many things. Not all is good, there is a bad side. When dealing with people you run the risk of envy, ridicule, people not believing you, not accepting you, you may lose your closet friends, family, even financial ruin if you are not careful. The good points of which I am so grateful are it has given me a fantastic education, brought me great works of poetry & philosophy, shown me the future, given me great insight, brought me the love of my life, two amazing children & something all mankind should desire to seek & find, it has shown me truth.

A great bet

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I bet Dr Richard Wiseman TV & Radio Sceptic won’t & couldn’t prove me fake. Great bet no 11!

The Mind

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The mind is a complex subject, ranging in diversity. Little is known of the mind but it constitutes reality in the individual. The mind of one can be subject to many preconceived ideas, a projector of the power of suggestion. In saying that, what can the objective of the mind really be, when it becomes a channel for the thoughts and muses of another? Are we to say the mind is a separate entity, and that the brain is merely a docking station for mind? What makes me think this is so, is that on death the brain dies and its reason for functioning is thus ceased, but communication remains so after death. If mind was part of brain, this simply would not be possible. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, it has been proven in numerous writings and memoirs and I for one have experienced this at a phenomenal rate and level. The mind or daemon is fallible, susceptible but above all capable of most extraordinary things. The mind is and will always be an enigma, but one in which the human being begins to understand, if not in its entirety, then in a form easily digested by mankind for future generations.


Science tells us the mind is part of the brain and it is an accepted view. 20 years of writing from an extraneous source has taught me this is impossible and here is why: On death the brain dies and with it mind, well that is the accepted view, but what about my writings poetical, philosophical, communication & insight from the extraneous source? This clearly shows various minds at work, using me as a vessel for their thoughts, poetry, philosophy, future predictions etc. What the enormous volume of works show you is that death has not meant the death of mind, on the contrary, mind survives death, meaning it cannot possibly be part of the brain but a separate entity. The mind to me is the soul and the soul the muse. If you believe the soul exists as I know for certain it does, then our understanding of mind and what we are taught cannot be right!

The Human Being – The Cockney Bard

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Oh the human being, that complex character. Unfathomable, unpredictable human being. Who in their head goes where no one knows. Silly, emotional, brave at times, utterly stupid at times human being. who toils, sometimes in deceit to achieve their day. I often wonder on observing this rather strange character, if I am alone in understanding the immense diversity of substance from one to the other. From the utterly sublime to the ridiculous. I am left to wonder if life and nature has less surprises than mankind. I know you human being, I truly do. No, in fact human being, I don’t know you at all!

What you have been taught, believe to be true, read in text books matters not, finding truth does!

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My challenge to the very best Scientists, Doctors, Psychologists & Psychiatrists worldwide. Read it then explain it!  Not understanding it, having no rational explanation for it, burying your head in the sand about it, doing nothing about it, deceiving yourselves & others about it is not acceptable. Wouldn’t you want to understand it? Wouldn’t you want to find out the truth? Wouldn’t you want to further your own understanding & that of mankind? What you have been taught, believe to be true, read in text books matters not, finding truth does!

Thought of the day

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If you are all things to all men then you are nothing to no man – The Cockney Bard