The Great Discovery


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Brooke, Blake, Bacon, Dee, Keats, Marlowe, Raliegh, Shelley, Shakespeare & Yeats just some of the greats who understood the ‘fire’. Anyone who has read my story will know the connection to the Cockney Bard with them is all too obvious. Sonnet 86 of Shakespeare gives you a clue as to the creative genius that often came through in their work and mine that being fed with intelligence. Many claim great works as their own because of fear of ridicule, but those honest enough to say they were inspired from an extraneous source giving them the work (at least some of it, if not all) knew the real truth. The list of artists, writers, musicians, poets & philosophers including Da Vinci, Kipling, Churchill, Christie, Plato & Socrates is many. Simple research will lead you to discover the truth, the fire, the muse, the inspiration, the mind, the soul, the creative genius. Its…

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