You can understand this can’t you?

If you have the capacity to read & think you will gather from the vast content I am not mentally ill, gullible, deluded or misguided. Anyone with any sort of IQ can see what I am saying. It might frighten you, it may seem beyond comprehension to you, but its existence is beyond doubt. It is tangible & proven. It challenges what you are taught but that is the whole point of it. Unless you are completely ignorant or have no capacity to think the information relayed will get you thinking. It is your challenge to find the truth (if you are interested in truth that is) & mine to show you over 20 years of my understanding & experience of something attainable to us all. If not the writings philosophical & poetical or the way they are derived, then the insight, sixth sense & healing abilities. Talk by those who know nothing that there is no evidence is complete nonsense, so don’t be fooled into believing that. Ignorance & personal agenda drive them. You need not be interested in the paranormal, occult, spiritualism, supernatural or any of the other names attributed to it (I personally am not) as it is natural & even the most ardent disbeliever has it!

***Science itself tells us everything is energy, this means there is nothing outside of energy, making everything natural, including the so called ‘paranormal’ & ‘supernatural’, ‘sixth sense’, ‘insight’ & ‘healing’ ability.***

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