The Ghosts Of Calico

index.jpg calico

Calico is a ghost town and former mining town in San Bernardino County, California, United States. Located in the Calico Mountains of the Mojave Desert region of Southern California.

Over ten years back we had the great pleasure of honeymooning in California. We by chance found our way to a place named Calico. Whilst there we became friends with a lady who owned a shop, it was from that we met two of her friends. One a former forensics police officer Glen M & the other a former Californian police bike rider for Arnold Schwarzenegger Bill J. They had a big interest in Calico, not because it was an interesting old mining town but because of its apparent ghost sightings. To prove it to us they showed us some footage (which was pretty amazing evidence to say the least). The undoctored footage simply had to be seen to be believed. They then invited us to join them along with the lovely Amiee (Glen’s daughter) one evening at the town, which we accepted. That night we saw two people, a man & woman dressed in period clothing walking across the town. They came from seemingly nowhere & simply disappeared before our eyes. We had other experiences too whilst there. Truly astounding! If you don’t believe in ghosts (spirits) try a visit there, it may well change your mind.

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