A Letter To Marilyn Monroe – The Cockney Bard

Tribute to Hollywood’s late great Marilyn Monroe. Read by Shona Allen on the BBC Norfolk’s Stephen Bumfrey Show.

A letter to Marilyn Monroe

Who could have ever dreamed of the life you would have. A babe to a beauty, unknown to an idol. Who truly knew you, the Hollywood star? Who could have loved you more than the millions now? I think I kind of knew you, somewhere in my distant past, a girl with a head full of dreams. Where love deserted you, hope never did. Where pain tortured and racked you, hope never did. Where too many judged you, without care or remorse. Marilyn Monroe, we knew only a shadow of what you were. Tears wore like a mask where only your smile could deceive. I think that I love you now. I think that I loved you then. Love, sweet Marilyn that was you. You were so funny and bright too. Not at all dizzy, oh no, not you! Beauty personified. Man’s perfect dream. No one could doubt you were a star in all scenes. All that we are left with is all that you were. Love, beauty and a star in an uncaring world.


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